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Hearing Aid


Hear The Need℠ works hard to provide supportive hearing health care and services to those needing assistance with their hearing health care. We do that through a network of volunteers and hearing care professionals as well as partnerships with other nonprofit organizations to provide access to the following services:


Hearing Screening & Consultation

A hearing screening is the first step to checking your hearing health. We do this with an otoscopic inspection and hearing screenings that can involve audiometric testing, speech language testing, and/or various other testing modalities. 


Hearing Aids & Hearing Aid Repairs

When a person needs technology to assist with their hearing, we work to provide Hear The Need hearing aids to the qualified individual or the nonprofit organization that's assisting them.  Sometimes their existing hearing aids just need help to work properly, so that means helping to repair a problem with their existing hearing aids.


Hearing Aids Service & Follow Up Care 

Hear The Need works with it's network of volunteers, hearing care professionals, and nonprofit partners to  make sure that people in need of hearing help can also get the help and follow up care they need to clean and service the hearing aids they have so they continue to work as well as they should, as well as monitoring their post fitting care.

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